We welcome a variety of production, health and type trait specialists to our new daughter-proven lineup.

11HO11434 Har-Dale-Acres-JP AltaCR | Mogul x Trigger | CP | 511 | 2670 TPI

  • A breed leader for sire fertility, holding the coveted CONCEPT PLUS designation
  • Exceptional 2670 TPI, jumping 139 points since the last proof round
  • CONSISTENCY –clear pattern of white, modern moderate-size cows with outstanding udders
  • A definite udder improver: among minus stature bulls, he’s a breed leader for UDC

11HO11437 Westenrade AltaSPRING | Mogul x Gerard | 511 | 2622 TPI

  • International favorite – daughters create impressive milk records right out of the gate
  • Definite fat and protein yield improver
  • Stylish daughters with high, wide rear udder attachments
Daughters of the Bull AltaSpring

11HO11380 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaROBLE | Mogul x Observer | 511 | CP | 2559 TPI

  • A health and type trait specialist at 6.5 PL, 3.13 UDC, 2.77 PTAT
  • Excellent sire fertility with CONCEPT PLUS status, and great daughter fertility at 3.8 DPR
  • Daughters are stylish, stretchy cows with fancy udders and strong attachments

11HO11379 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaLEAF | AltaOAK x Trigger | 511 |CP | 2512 TPI

  • Daughters with outstanding udders and white, stylish frames are easy to pick out
  • A well-balanced proof with a high 7.5 PL and exceptional health traits
  • High milking daughters with impressive protein yields

11HO11379 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRABO | Mogul x Observer | 511 | CP | 2505 TPI

  • Early milking daughters have impressive udders and straight-lined frames
  • FUTURE STAR graduate provides easy calvings and high fertility CONCEPT PLUS status
  • A balanced proof with exciting conformation, over 100 CFP, and sound health and fertility traits
  • Full brother to new release, AltaROBLE, but with slightly higher production values

11HO11422 T-Spruce AltaJAKE | Petrone x Observer | 511 | CP | 2479 TPI

  • Exciting type and health trait specialist with the high fertility CONCEPT PLUS designation
  • Fancy daughters with outstanding, high, wide rear udders
  • Healthy, fertile cows that produce high quality milk
With August proofs also came adjustments to the TPI formula. Find more information about these industry updates HERE.

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