Android & iOS Bull Search app

We are proud to announce that we have updated and released the newest version of the Alta Bull Search app for mobile. After launching Bull Search for iOS last summer, the positive feedback we received led us to develop the app for Android.

The Alta Bull Search app delivers rankings for the sires that best fit your genetic plan, along with individual proofs on Alta sires and all active industry Holstein bulls with a TPI of at least 1700. If you’re interested in a specific bull, type his bull code, full name, or short name into the search box. You can access 15,000 Holstein bulls without the constant need for an internet connection!


  • Available online and offline
  • Index changes based on trait selection in search results
  • Search by bull code, sire name or by preset breeding goals
  • Included Alta program logos for ease of use
  • Additional bull images ( Available Online Only )
  • Tap and hold feature for information pop-ups in breeding goal selection
  • Features Holstein bulls
  • Proof data updated quarterly

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