with RumiLife CAL24 nutritional supplement.

You can only create those healthy, trouble-free Alta 4-EVENT COWS when you get them off to the right start after calving. Part of that means promoting proper calcium levels.

3 things you need to know about RumiLife® CAL24 nutritional supplement


And by that, we mean that you’ll save time and labor. How? Because you can give one dose of two CAL24 boluses right after calving. That means you don’t need to spend the extra time and labor to catch each fresh cow again to give a second bolus 12 hours later.

Plus, each bolus is a tapered shape, coated in vegetable fat and propylene glycol, which means it’s simple to administer.


One  two-bolus dose of RumiLife CAL24 contains 100 grams of highly absorbable calcium- more than any other supplement. Pair that with a combination of magnesium and vitamin D, and you promote optimal calcium absorption throughout the first 24 hours after calving.

Plus, each bolus is a tapered shape, coated in vegetable fat and propylene glycol, so it’s simple for any breed of cattle to swallow.


Because of the unique formulation, RumiLife CAL24 offers immediate and sustained release calcium. That means that one dose allows you to promote proper calcium levels in your fresh cows for the critical first 24 hours after calving.

What makes RumiLife CAL24 complete?

  • Calcium chloride provides immediately available calcium in the rumen
  • Calmin regulates calcium absorption over time.
    What is Calmin? It’s a highly-absorbable form of seaweed-derived calcium combined with magnesium, which allows for optimal calcium absorption in the rumen and beyond.
  • Vitamin D promotes improved calcium absorption, and helps facilitate active, sustained calcium transfer beyond the rumen.

Want to learn more about RumiLife CAL24? Find more details about the product HERE.

Healthy cow resting with text: Help her become an Alta 4-EVENT COW. It starts at calving