CONCEPT PLUS has been the right tool for creating pregnancies for nearly 20 years! New research and data now make it even better!

We have the industry’s best sire fertility evaluation. It is our job to help our clients most accurately and efficiently complete their ongoing goal of creating pregnancies.

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What’s new with CONCEPT PLUS?

3 traits for Holsteins & Jerseys

  • Cow Conventional
  • Heifer Conventional
  • Heifer Sexed

Internal rating transparency

  • 1-5 star rating for all 3 traits
  • 4-5 stars designated as CONCEPT PLUS or 511 CONCEPT PLUS
  • In Bull Search, the stars are visible to Alta staff when you log in

Evaluation frequency

  • Now 6 CONCEPT PLUS evaluations per year
  • More timely sire fertility info

I keep hearing reference to “Precision Fertility Management.” How do I explain that to clients as Alta’s differentiator?

If you don’t monitor and measure results, the decisions you make are based only on emotion or a gut instinct.

The term “precision agriculture” encompasses the data and technology that makes growing crops and raising livestock more accurate and efficient. Essentially, it’s producing more with less. In our case, it means using the most accurate sire fertility evaluation data for the right situation – or Precision Fertility Management.

Our precision approach to fertility comes from our team’s strict processes to monitor, measure, and analyze the data behind hundreds of thousands of pregnancy check results. Their ability to convey these results with extreme accuracy and precision – through three separate CONCEPT PLUS traits – makes these tools an invaluable piece of precision agriculture.

Why is the new 511 CONCEPT PLUS such a big deal?

511 CONCEPT PLUS is the rating we give for sire fertility on sexed semen in heifers.
Based on recent CONCEPT PLUS data, shown in the table to the right, you can see the conception rate difference between the top fertility sexed bulls and the bottom fertility sexed bulls. It’s more than 20%!

Those lowest fertility sexed bulls perform at about the same level as the poorer fertility conventional bulls in cows! Because creating pregnancies is crucial to a dairy farm’s bottom line, and many producers now choose to use sexed semen, this table illustrates the critical need that 511 CONCEPT PLUS fills to provide an accurate sexed semen sire fertility evaluation!

Table showing the expected difference in conception rates between the highest rated 5-star CONCPEPT PLUS bulls versus the 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, and lowest 1-star rated sires

How do I upsell the new 511 CONCEPT PLUS?

In plain, simple terms, 511 CONCEPT PLUS sires will help your clients create more sexed pregnancies!

In fact, 511 CONCEPT PLUS sires essentially perform to the levels of 4M sexed semen conception rates!We know this, because of a recent study we conducted. We compared conception rates of several bulls sexed as both 4M and 2M, with thousands of services in each group. When we ranked the bulls by their 2M conception rates, we found that the highest fertility 2M bulls had essentially the same average conception rates when sorted as 4M!! This means you can have confidence that the bulls we identify as 511 CONCEPT PLUS will perform!

What about those bulls with lower CONCEPT PLUS ratings?

We have a keen focus on fertility leadership! We know that you are not able to sell 1-star CONCEPT PLUS bulls. So, once we know that a bull has that 1-star rating, he will generally not be marketed.

In sexed semen, this means that once a bull is identified as 1-star for 511 CONCEPT PLUS he will no longer be available as Alta511 sexed. If his conventional CONCEPT PLUS ratings are favorable, he will still be available as conventional.

In conventional semen, a 1-star bull will only remain on our list if he is an extreme elite genetic outlier. In those cases, this information will be made clear and transparent to you.

CONCEPT PLUS has been the right tool for creating pregnancies for nearly 20 years! With these brand-new developments, we’re in such an exciting position to make a real, measurable and profitable impact on the herds we work with!