Alta's History

  • 1910 - Carnation Farms is formed

  • 1940-1950 - Carnation Farms incorporates a breeding division to sell quality genetics.

    Their reach expands throughout the United States with the development of frozen semen.


  • 1968 - Doug Blair founds Western Breeder Service in Canada to begin a beef AI program

  • 1975 - Western Breeders begins marketing Holstein semen

  • 1975 - Wijnand Pon begins marketing Canadian Holstein semen in the Netherlands

  • 1985 - The breeding division of Carnation Farms separates from the Carnation Milk Company to form Landmark Genetics

  • 1986 - Alta Genetics is formed, specializing in embryo transfer research

  • 1988 - Western Breeders merges with Alta Genetics

  • 1993 - Alta Genetics is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange

  • 1995 - Alta Genetics purchases Landmark Genetics

  • 1996 - Alta Genetics and Koepon Holding in the Netherlands begin a joint venture

  • 2000 - Wijnand Pon purchases Alta Genetics as a subsidiary of Koepon Holding

    making Alta the world’s largest privately-owned AI company


  • 2000-present - Alta expands its reach to 14 retail markets and more than 85 wholesale markets

    with AI production centers in six different countries.


  • 2001 - The Alta Advantage program is formed

    revolutionizing how progeny testing is done

    Alta Advantage Logo

  • 2009 - Wijnand Pon purchases VAS & SCCL as subsidiaries of Koepon Holding

    vas + sccl logo
  • 2010 - With the advent of genomics, Alta Advantage evolves

    to a partnership program based on customized genetic plans.


  • 2018 - Koepon Holding merges with Cooperative Resources International (CRI) to form URUS,

    a holding company with cooperative and private ownership comprised of companies committed to providing dairy and beef producers with genetic and farm management information solutions that improve herd quality and productivity

    URUS Logo in color