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Your Alta 4-EVENT COW

An Alta 4-EVENT COW is one you hardly notice. In the span of her lactation, her cow card confirms just four major events:

  1. FRESH

  2. BRED

  3. Confirmed PREGnant

  4. DRY

Of course, maintenance events like pen moves, foot trims, vaccinations, and pregnancy re-checks also occur during a cow’s lactation. But what’s really missing in an Alta 4-EVENT COW’S lactation are the setbacks – the costly, time-consuming issues that hinder overall herd profitability.

She goes about her business of producing high-quality milk without causing any troubles.


Want to create more Alta 4-EVENT COWS in your herd?

Here, you’ll find access to webinar recordings related specifically to the 4-EVENT COW. Simply click the image for whichever webinar you’d like to view, and it will appear on your screen.

The FRESH Event

Check out the webinar hosted by Dr. Alex Scanavez focused on best practices for managing FRESH cows. Or click here. 

The BRED Event

Watch the webinar hosted by Dr. Glaucio Lopes on getting cows BRED – effective strategies for successful insemination. Or click here. 

The PREG Event

Here, Dr. Glaucio Lopes shares the key management tips to have a successful PREG check on your dairy. Or click here. 

The DRY Event

Click the image below to learn from Dr. Alex Scanavez on the key things to keep in mind through the DRY period. Or click here.

Speak to your Alta advisor for more information on creating your Alta 4-EVENT COW. Don’t have an Alta advisor? Contact us to get connected with one.

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