Regardless of your genetic goals, Alta G-STARS are the highest-ranking, genomic bulls to help you fast forward your genetic progress.

What do Alta G-STAR sires offer?

• Stand-out genomic proofs to fast forward your genetic progress
• Elite rankings to fit a variety of genetic plans or trait requirements
• They’re chosen specifically to perform in progressive dairy environments
• Select G-STARS have real pregnancy check results confirming their high sire fertility CONCEPT PLUS status

Each G-STAR sire is too new and too young to have a daughter proof for production, health and conformation. But some of these bulls have been included in breeding programs long enough that we know their fertility.

We collect and analyze this sire fertility data from real DairyComp data in our partner herds. When we have gathered enough observations, we award our coveted high fertility CONCEPT PLUS designation to only those sires who most efficiently create pregnancies. G-STAR sires with no CONCEPT PLUS designation are either too new to have real fertility data collected or are simply at an average level for fertility.

The case for selecting from the elite genomic-proven G-STAR sire line-up is clear. These bulls are chosen to perform in the world’s most progressive environments, and they provide the most potential to fast forward your herd’s genetic merit.