Get your cows off to the right start after calving.

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is a uniquely formulated calcium bolus to help promote proper calcium levels in cows.

Why RumiLife® CAL24™?

Save time and labor with just one application

  • Cows receive 100 grams of calcium in just one dose of two boluses.

Give your cows immediate and extended release calcium

  • Immediate release calcium chloride is available for use by the cow shortly after administering the boluses.
  • Extended release calcium is available to the cow because of the unique combination of natural, seaweed-derived calcium, plus magnesium.
  • Additional Vitamin D means the cow is able to absorb and utilize the calcium for the first 24 hours after calving.


A single dose of two-boluses provides the right formulation of calcium to last for 24 hours. That means you don’t need to catch each cow twice to give her a second dose of calcium.

RumiLife® CAL24™ is designed to get your cows off to the right start after calving.

Learn more, and get answers to your questions with this RumiLife CAL24 flyer at the link below.

Image of RumiLife CAL24 boluses and boxes
RumiLife CAL24 flyer image
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