Whole Bovine Colostrum

We offer whole bovine colostrum from our sister company, SCCL. Use these USDA-approved colostrum products to enrich or replace maternal colostrum for your calves.

Why choose SCCL Colostrum?

High Transfer of Immunity

  • IgG molecules are readily absorbed for maximum immune protection
  • an excellent source of IgG (over 85% in the form of IgG1), growth factors, and nutrients needed to improve calf survival, health, growth, and long-term performance
  • broad spectrum of antibodies


  • easily mixes in under 15 seconds!
  • 3-year shelf life

High in Colostral Fat

  • a critical early source of energy for newborn calves

Safe and Effective

  • each serial is tested in calves for safety and efficacy
  • free of pathogens that cause the following diseases: Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Leucosis, Paratuberculosis (causing Johne’s disease), Salmonellosis, E. coli infection, others

Whole Bovine Colostrum

  • not skimmed or reconstructed from components

Follow the 3 Q's of colostrum

Follow the 3 Q's of Colostrum


1st feeding

within 1-2 hours after birth

2nd feeding

within the next 8 hours to assure 2 feeding within 12 hours


You would never feed your cows an unknown ration. So why take the chance with your calves?

Test colostrum quality using an optical or digital % brix refractometer


Feed 10% of the calf’s body weight as a 1st feeding or follow these quantity guidelines

SUPPLEMENT 2-3L | 150g lgG

REPLACEMENT 3-4L | 200-300g lgG

Calf’s Choice Total® HiCal

100g IgG/bag or 30g IgG/scoop

Calf’s Choice Total® Gold

60g IgG/bag


100g IgG/bag

Colostrum 200TM

200g IgG/bag

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