If you have a passion for the dairy industry and helping progressive dairy producers, we want you on our team!

Work with our current network of sales managers to implement customized solutions focused in any or all of these key management areas.

Genetic Consulting

Implement customized genetic plans, optimize herd inventory management with conventional, sexed, and beef x dairy strategies, and prove genetic progress through assessment reports from DairyComp.

Reproductive Management

Develop your knowledge of advanced reproduction protocols, understand and sell the benefits of the Alta COW WATCH activity monitor system for improved repro results, and consult on management strategies using DairyComp data.

Calf Management

Use research data to explore best practices for managing the health and productivity of neonatal calves, including colostrum protocols at birth and as part of post-day 1 feeding programs.

Transition & Fresh Cow Management

Help producers get their cows off to the best start after calving. Use DairyComp data to consult on fresh cow protocols utilizing Alta COW WATCH and RumiLife CAL24.

Alta COW WATCH Activity Monitor Technology

Learn how to make informed decisions that impact the profitability of progressive using the advanced Alta COW WATCH technology paired with expert support and consultation from a trusted Alta advisor.

Internship Experiences

I would recommend the Alta Dairy Business Internship to critically thinking, disciplined and open-minded dairy enthusiasts who are looking to grow their consultative problem-solving abilities and establish meaningful relationships within the dairy industry.

You truly get out what you put into this internship and with the flexibility of projects and resources that are available to interns, you’re truly set up to achieve great things.

Sophy Henisz

2022 Alta Intern

A few things I enjoyed most about my internship was the people I worked with, the Alta culture, and the customizable internship projects I was able to work on throughout the summer.

I would definitely recommend the Alta Dairy Business Internship to anyone looking to get into not just genetics and reproduction, but also consultation. Alta taught me how to ask the right questions, handle conversations with dairymen, and overall, how to be a quality consultant. This internship gives you the opportunity to learn a great deal and make valuable connections within the industry.

George Sebright

2022 Alta Intern

Throughout my internship, I was able to focus on learning about and promoting Alta COW WATCH to dairies in Texas on my own. Additionally, I was able to gain a better understanding of the approach Alta takes when it comes to sales and consulting.

I would recommend the Alta Dairy Business Internship to someone that is self-motivated and wants to push themselves to learn new things. If you have the drive, you will get a lot out of your experience like I did.

Joseph Real

2022 Alta Intern

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If you have questions about these internships or the application process, please email Britt O'Neill at [email protected].