Who We Are

We build long-term relationships by creating value for our clients. We improve individual herd profitability by delivering trustworthy genetics and high quality reproductive and management services.

Our People

We know that progressive dairy producers prefer to do business with suppliers who deliver more than just a good product. They want to work with people who make a difference to their farm’s results and bottom line profitability.

So we carefully hand-pick the right people for the Alta team. Alta People are passionate about creating value for the farms they work with, trustworthy in all they do, and driven to deliver real, measurable results to their clients.

Alta People are passionate

Our passion stems from a deep-rooted, long-standing history in breeding and genetics. And our dedicated team of trusted employees live that passion daily.

Our Alta People strive to understand your farm’s individual needs and goals. From our expert, on-farm consultants, to our product development team; from our detail-oriented lab staff to our professional barn crew, Alta People are passionate. They channel that passion into creating value for your farm by offering elite genetics with maximum fertility results.

Alta People are trustworthy

Trust is built on the foundation to provide top quality products and services that deliver on their promise. Alta People commit to providing such programs and services every day – it’s not just sales that they’re after.

Our team receives hours of high-level training from academic and industry experts in the areas of genetic and reproductive consultation and further training in all areas of herd management. They use that knowledge and network of experts to provide trustworthy, profitable advice to help you achieve your goals.

Alta People are driven

With a results-oriented mindset, our Alta People put a relentless focus on delivering the best genetic and reproductive strategies. They customize those strategies to fit your current situation and future goals.

Our team has high standards – and they set them high on purpose. Take advantage of the drive and determination that you’ll find in all Alta People. They are motivated to help you succeed – and they don’t settle for average when it comes to your farm’s results and profitability.

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