When considering your genetic options, the first thing that matters is creating a pregnancy. The second thing that matters is the newborn calf. FUTURE STAR sires focus on both priorities.

When you include FUTURE STARS in your breeding program, you address the first two steps in creating your best future herd.

A pregnancy

FUTURE STAR sires have the coveted high fertility CONCEPT PLUS status.

This means that actual pregnancy check results from each FUTURE STAR sire prove these bulls create more pregnancies than the average sire. In fact, with conventional semen, these FUTURE STARS give you a 2%-5% conception rate advantage. And on sexed semen, they offer a 3%-7% conception rate advantage.

A live, healthy calf

The foundation of your future herd is built on calves that thrive right from birth.

To address this, Sire Stillbirth (SSB) is a critical part of the FUTURE STAR equation. This trait measures the proportion of offspring from any given sire that are either born dead on arrival or pass away within the first 48 hours after birth. FUTURE STAR sires address this trait and are carefully chosen with the genetics to yield more live, healthy calves.

Set yourself up to create your best future herd by focusing on what matters first – creating a pregnancy that delivers a healthy, thriving newborn calf.