Make informed decisions that impact your herd’s profitability when you pair advanced Alta COW WATCH technology with expert support and consultation from your trusted Alta advisor.

Alta COW WATCH combines an unmatched range of features in a single and highly advanced, yet easy-to-use system.


Proven electronic iSO-compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and sorting, and routing equipment.

Heat detection

Improves repro results by alerting you to the optimal moment to inseminate for the highest chance of conception.

Health monitoring

Provides early detection of health issues, and monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Group performance trends

Identifies herd behavioral changes to help you see how management practices are impacting performance.
Alta cow watch heat stress icon

Heat Stress

Detects heat stress, giving you the opportunity to implement cooling measures at the right time.


Provides all members of your team with convenient 24/7 connectivity to your herd from anywhere.

Simple integration and connection

Allows for seamless integration with dairy management systems like DairyComp.

Cow locating

Locate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily. See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.

Expert support from trusted Alta advisors

From day one of install, your Alta team partners with you to not only train you how to use the system, but turn insights into actions that improve health, welfare, and repro.

Real Results

Alta cow watch ROI study results

The following data show the results from a 3000 cow dairy after just one year using Alta COW WATCH.

“My favorite part of using Alta COW WATCH on a daily basis is looking at the dashboard. I bring it up every morning, looking at the overall herd deviation, as well as any pens that are off feed, or just not right. You walk through at any one point in time and you can see a lot of things that happen but having a 24-hour surveillance on the cows – unbiased – it gives you the ability to watch the cows’ natural habits.”

Ryan Schultz
Assistant Dairy Operations Manager, Pagel’s Family Business

Return on Investment

ROI from healthy cows

Act on early health alerts from Alta COW WATCH to prevent paying the high costs of disease.

Costs account for veterinary and treatment cost, farm labor, lost milk production, discarded milk, culling cost, extended days open, and death.
D. Liang, D., Arnold, L.M., Stowe, C.J., Harmon, R. J., Bewley, J. M. (2017). Estimating US dairy clinical disease
costs with a stochastic simulation model. Journal of Dairy Science, 100 (2), 1472-1486

ROI from repro

ROI on repro with Alta COW WATCH

Figures calculated on improving preg rate from 18 to 23 on a 300-cow herd, using the UW Dairy Management ‘Value of Reproductive Improvement’ calculator tool

How it Works

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Alta COW WATCH tags have a 99.5% lifetime success rate. Typical failure rate for other tags is 7%, or more, per year.

Alta COW WATCH is always watching!

Pair advanced technology with expert support and consultation from your trusted Alta advisor. Improve your herd’s repro, health & welfare by making informed decisions to impact your herd’s profitability.

Nedap app showing reproductive stats

Animal Reproduction Insights

  • In-heat worklists clearly display cows in heat and the optimal time to inseminate each cow for most favorable results. 


  • Heat scores for each cow make it easy for you to see and more quickly decide which cows should be inseminated. 


  • Reproduction worklists tell you when cows should be preg checked and help you to identify cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows, and non-pregnant cows.
"Alta COW WATCH has enabled us to become more efficient through massively improving our fertility. In turn, this has led to reduced semen usage, healthier cows, and increased milk production."
Dan Harries
Velindre Farm, UK - 1000 cows

Animal Health Insights

  • Health check worklists show cows that are potentially experiencing a health issue.


  • Health scores for each cow show the overall health status of the cow and trends to help you focus on the cows that are in most need of attention first. 


  • Health graphs provide more detailed insights on behaviors, such as eating, ruminating and inactivity.
Nedap Now animal health insights graph
"The benefit of the rumination and health alerts has changed the management on the farm and more than paid for the system!"
Jon Bult
Somerset, UK - 400 cows
Nedap Now behavior charts

Herd Insights

  • Performance graphs allow you to quickly see the health of the herd and make herd management adjustments to increase health.


  • Heat stress detection shows groups of cows experiencing heat stress, allowing you to implement cooling measures at the right time.


  • Pen alerts help you measure and evaluate the impact of new or changed management practices.
“Through using Alta COW WATCH, we have seen a huge improvement in their performance. It’s not just the fertility, which has gone up 16%. It’s also their milk production has gone up and the transitioning health has improved massively.”
Arthur Crutchley
Crutchley Farm, UK; 750 cows