4 Things You Need to Know About Sire Fertility Evaluations

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When it comes to sire fertility evaluations, not all evaluations are created equal. Here are 4 things you need to know about sire fertility evaluations to help you make an informed decision:

In the US, just 32% of all inseminations in the national dairy herd are conventional dairy semen used on cows.

Why does this matter? Because sire conception rate (SCR) measures only the fertility of conventional semen used in cows. That means this industry evaluation does not account for sexed semen, beef x dairy breedings, or for the fertility of semen used on heifers. That’s missing two-thirds of US breedings!

We’re here to help you understand that there are other sire fertility evaluations that will help you choose the sires that will help you create the most pregnancies – with accuracy.

Five different sire fertility evaluations are available through Alta CONCEPT PLUS.

It is possible for you to accurately know which sires will help you create more pregnancies, regardless of which type of semen you’re using, or on which group of animals. Whether you’re looking for the sexed sires that will create the most pregnancies in your heifers, or you’re looking for the beef bulls with the best sire fertility for your milking herd, the Alta CONCEPT PLUS sire fertility evaluation has you covered.

The five different sire fertility evaluations account for semen type, and where you use that semen. So, you can rest assured that the CONCEPT PLUS sires in your genetic plan offer the best fertility possible. Choose from these evaluations to measure sire fertility for any type and animal group:

  • Conventional dairy semen used on cows
  • Conventional dairy semen used on heifers
  • Sexed semen used on cows
  • Sexed semen used on heifers
  • Beef semen used on dairy cows

2001 is the year that the Alta CONCEPT PLUS sire fertility evaluation was developed.

That means progressive dairies have trusted Alta CONCEPT PLUS to create more pregnancies in their herds for more than 20 years. That’s seven years before SCR was released!

The industry’s most accurate sire fertility evaluation is Alta CONCEPT PLUS.

There are a number of factors that make Alta CONCEPT PLUS so accurate. Because it’s the sire fertility evaluation that helps you see which bulls create more pregnancies based on type of semen and where the semen is used, you can trust that Alta CONCEPT PLUS is twice as accurate as SCR at predicting the next pregnancy in your herd.

Sire fertility is an important component of any genetic plan. Ensure you are using the most current, complete, and consistent sire fertility evaluation available by using Alta CONCEPT PLUS to help you choose your sires.

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