Your Perfect Dairy Business Internship

Develop your consultative sales skills and build your portfolio of large, progressive dairy accounts. Work with our current network of sales managers to implement customized solutions focused in any or all of these key management areas. Genetic Consulting Implement customized genetic plans, optimize herd inventory management with conventional, sexed, and beef x dairy strategies, and […]

The NEW Alta Bull Search App

Download the all-new app today! With more traits, more breeds, more features, more options, and more sorting abilities, the all-new Alta Bull Search app is a more streamlined approach to bull searching. What can you expect? Search and sort dairy bulls industry wide from your mobile device Sort by name, NAAB code, or registration number […]

Your genetic decision today IS your future herd

The future of your herd is more than just your youngstock. It’s found inside your semen tank.

Think about the semen just delivered to your dairy and added to your tank. It’s an investment. And it’s a decision that will impact your operation for years to come. Your genetic decision today becomes the calves, heifers, and milking cows of your future herd.

Our commitment to you amid COVID-19

Create Value.  Build Trust.  Deliver Results.  It is times like the current COVID-19 situation where we are recommitting ourselves to our purpose so we can continue to meet your genetic, reproductive, and animal performance product needs. Customer and Employee Safety We intend to continue farm visits to deliver semen and products and breed cows, while […]

4-EVENT COW is one you hardly notice. In the span of her lactation, her cow card confirms just four major events:

FRESH BRED Confirmed PREGnant DRY Of course, maintenance events like pen moves, foot trims, vaccinations, and pregnancy re-checks also occur during a cow’s lactation. But what’s really missing in a 4-EVENT COW’S lactation are the setbacks – the costly, time-consuming issues that hinder overall herd profitability. She goes about her business of producing high-quality milk without […]

Bull Search for Android & iOS

Android & iOS Bull Search app The Alta Bull Search app delivers rankings for the sires that best fit your genetic plan. You can find individual proofs on Alta sires and all active industry Holstein bulls with a TPI of at least 1700. If you’re interested in a specific bull, type his bull code, full […]

What you need to know about the April 2020 US Genetic Base Change

A genetic base change is an adjustment of predicted transmitting abilities (PTAs) for all animals in a given breed. This change resets the average PTAs for each trait within a new reference population back to zero. With the April 2020 US genetic base change in mind, here are five key points to remember. 1. THE […]

Beef x Dairy: 3 questions to help map your strategy

You’ve chosen to put your breeding strategy in high gear. That means you’re probably using some amount of beef semen as part of that plan. Creating those black, beef-looking calves can generate a premium on the day-old animals you sell. However, in this process, don’t forget to map out your plan before you start. Have […]

Beef x Dairy: Not all bulls are created equal

What are your goals with using beef x dairy as part of your genetic strategy? If you haven’t determined your direction, you might be missing out on what matters most to your farm’s bottom line. In the same way you choose dairy cattle genetics, it’s important to select the right beef genetics to align with your farm’s […]

Beef x Dairy: Which breed should you choose?

When it comes to your targeted approach to beef x dairy, the beef breed you use matters. To optimize your beef x dairy premiums, it’s important to weigh your options. While actual beef x dairy carcass trait research is still very limited, there are several general breed trends that can help you decide what might […]