Experience the Alta culture! Spend three days learning management strategies from some of the most progressive dairies in the US Central Plains region! Enjoy networking with like-minded, forward-thinking dairy producers from around the world.

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Central Plains Showcase Tour
June 25-28, 2019


For the past ten years, the Central Plains has been one of the fastest growing dairy areas in the United States. This region attracts dairy producers looking for reasonable land and feed costs and a favorable tax situation. The region’s processing capacity and great demand for milk, paired with a strong and steady support for agriculture, make it a great location to own and operate a dairy.

On the 2019 Alta ADVANTAGE Showcase Tour, we get the privilege to tour dairies set amid the sprawling prairies, fertile farmland and glacial lakes of eastern South Dakota and northwestern Iowa in the Central Plains.



Dig in to different management styles while touring a combination of cross-ventilated and tunnel ventilated barns. See a variety of milking parlor systems at work, including robotic milking units.
Learn how reproductive programs implemented by the Alta team provide exceptional pregnancy rate results. Check out traditional feed centers and exceptional calf programs. See how focused genetic plans improve actual performance results.



  • Spend three days visiting some of our most progressive partner dairies
  • Share management strategies with other progressive dairy producers from around the world
  • Realize the benefits of customizing your genetic plan and partnering with Alta as part of the Alta ADVANTAGE program
US Map with state lines, showing a star over South Dakota and Iowa in the Central Plains region to mark the Alta ADVANTAGE Showcase Tour 2019